Estancia Ninnette

Dorado year round


January to December



General Information

The area we cover is very large, with rapids, shallow and deep pools, banks and creeks. All fishing techniques are able to be used.

Fly Fishing

For top water fishing, 3 to 5 wt rods are adequate, while 9 to 10 wt rods are called for when using heavy 400 grain sinking lines, steel leaders and large weighted streamers. Targeted species include: Lacha, Payara, Anchobi, Boga and sometimes Dorado while fishing the rapids. Anglers can fish almost all this fish during the tip making this a unique experience for different exotic species. As the flies to cast must be very large and heavy, steel leaders are also a must for this fish, #9 to 10 weight rods and a reel with 100 yards backing is needed.

Bait casting - Spinning

For those who would prefer to use bait casting or spinning gear, we can offer the same wide variety of fish. 20 pound test line is the minimum required and normally lures of up to six inches in length are used. Anglers should bring at least one backup outfit. We suggest braided lines, as well as one reel spooled with 40 lb mono. We offer all lures required at reasonable prices. If you prefer, we can provide a list of popular lures depending upon the season and the fish that are targeted.


There are areas of the river that are so deep and the current so strong that special techniques are required to reach the fish. In this case we will troll the deep pools with diving plugs. Huge catfish called Surubi inhabit these waters and can reach 80 pounds. Surubi put up a tremendous fight and are seldom boated in under 15 minutes. Very large Dorado shares the pools with the Surubi making trolling in these areas very interesting.

Live bait, cut bait, bottom fishing

Occasionally when artificial lures are not producing, we employ live bait. Drifting with live bait can be very productive for all species and is the most successful means of catching the largest fish. Another method is to use bait on light tackle when the schools of Boga are in the area. These fish average 6 pounds and put up a very strong fight. These wide selections make the anglers always find good fish activity almost any time of the year when he can travel.

Arrival day

Arriving at the Ezeiza International Airport early in the morning, you will be met by our crew who will assist in clearing customs. Duty free shops are located at the airport if you would like to purchase your preferred alcoholic beverage before heading out to the bungalow complex. We will then leave by private plane (Navajo) from either Ezeiza or an alternate airport at San Fernando (30 minutes away) for the one-hour flight to Salto, arriving close to midday. On arrival, we will go directly to the private bungalow complex, have lunch and a rest before going for a short fishing so you get familiar with the water, tackle, boats etc. We have different options for lodging at the area; all of them natural Hot Springs, five stars hotels. We will quote each option separately.

Second to fifth day

Breakfast will be served early at the complex. After breakfast we will head to the river in comfortable vans. At the river you will be met by your guide who will be operating one of our new 21 foot skiffs. These specially designed boats are equipped with two large casting platforms and 100 hp outboards. In addition, they have modern electronics, radios, safety equipment and life vests. We will fish with a variety of new water and fish. In some cases we will wade the sand bars, rocks and gravel banks. Since each boat will have two anglers, we can be flexible as to what method of fishing you would prefer. All you have to do is inform your preference to the guide. In addition to the river fishing, we can also fish in local lakes and ponds for “tararira” and “piranha” if you wish additional varieties. We will fish all day (8-9 hours) with a lunch break on the river bank. There are rustic huts built at our lunch site where we will cook a traditional “asado” for the group together with fresh salads and excellent wines. If we face particularly inclement weather we will return to the complex or one of the local restaurants for a break. We can also finish the day hunting doves or pigeons if fishing is difficult or any other activity you would like to do.

Last day

On the final day we will have short fishing session, have lunch, pack and then take the charter aircraft to Buenos Aires before 4:00 pm.; alternately, the group could leave early and spend the day in Buenos Aires sightseeing and shopping.


Please contact us so we can offer you and your friends custom-made packages to fit your specific needs.